vineri, 25 februarie 2011

Apes Evolution

Darwin said: "Man is descended from the monkey! And so he was and how it seems to be so today. If man is the result of logical implication and ape evolution and natural selection, then it is inappropriate and unnatural to talk about the history of mankind, when in fact and law we are dealing with a history of apes. Darwinian concept of emergence Human warns and helps us understand that there is a history of mankind, but a history of apes.
The irony of ironies is that Western man, after thousands of years of development and scientific progress, the topmost peak of the pride of reason says that is descend from the monkey!
According to these minds, brighter than any star, man is Man only etymological, because in essence is a monkey reached a very high evolutionary stage. Evolution and natural selection helped the millennial issue of horizontality monkey to animality and its irrationalities and to acquire a new status, the self-consciousness, endowed by the referee.
Poor monkey gone from Africa during his wanderings, became man and his followers crowded to overflowing throughout the globe. We, today, by a supreme gesture of gratitude, bring them due reverence and honor infinite because, among other things, brought us to unimaginable heights of development ..
Mystery man's appearance on earth is limited to processing etymological mystery of the word "monkey", the word "man. " That really would be a problem since it would be to rewrite history: the word "man" be replaced with "monkey". So, man is not rational animal, but a rational monkey. Homo sapiens, is "monkey sapiens”.
I have nothing against monkeys, but one I want to reproach, that they knead "man" and putting the evil spirit and desire for self-destruction. Why did the monkey managed to evolve into a "Man", being made only out of love? Illusions.
However one thing I admire the monkeys, because they evolved all that were so cautious as to also keep a reserve of crude and unfinished monkeys. It's like he knew through a transgenerational cognition that the man would have evolved if it were a being evil and self-destructive. The hope of "humanity", is the global reserve monkeys remained on the globe. If "man" or "wise monkeys" will disappear, hopefully in the remaining monkeys will evolve a new breed of love and peace, the evil will not exist.

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